Thumbnail for Moroccan Spiced Shakshuka

Moroccan Spiced Shakshuka

We have teamed up with Clarence Court to bring you this delicious Moroccan Influenced Spiced Shakshuka. This is a more Moroccan take on shakshuka…

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Thumbnail for Nutritional Nugget - B is for Banana

Nutritional Nugget - B is for Banana

Post by Azmina Govindji @AzminaNutrition NUTRITIONAL NUGGET - B is for Banana... Did you know you get nearly 2g of fibre in a medium banana, and it’s a…

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Thumbnail for Pitta Pizzas

Pitta Pizzas

We have the perfect friday night fakeaway for you... try these delicious veggie and vegan pitta pizzas Tomato & Olive Pizza: 2 Tbsps tomato…

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Thumbnail for Look beyond sugar

Look beyond sugar

Post by Azmina Govindji @AzminaNutrition Sugar never fails to hit the headlines. Here we decipher the science for you and give you top tips on what…

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Thumbnail for Chocolate & Coconut Breakfast Bars

Chocolate & Coconut Breakfast Bars

Ingredients ½ Cup rolled oats ½ Cup of unsweetened tinned coconut milk 1 tbsp Good dark cocoa powder 2 tbsp Good dark chocolate chips 1 tbsp Chia s…

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Thumbnail for Top 5 ways to eat more fibre

Top 5 ways to eat more fibre

Post by Azmina Govindji @AzminaNutrition News and magazine articles, labels on new products and TV documentaries have recently been highlighting…

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Thumbnail for The benefits of a plant-based diet

The benefits of a plant-based diet

Post by Azmina Govindji @AzminaNutrition Whether you follow a vegan diet or enjoy your meat and two veg, no doubt you’ve been exposed to news about t…

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Thumbnail for Winter Minestrone Soup

Winter Minestrone Soup

Begin this soup very slowly, cooking the first phase very slowly will make this soup far more sweet and delicious. It doesn’t need to be complicated b…

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