Nutritional Nugget - O is for Oats

March 15th, 2019 - By fooddoctor
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Post by Azmina Govindji @AzminaNutrition

Oats are whole grains that are available in flattened, quick-cook, instant and other forms. They are suitable for people on gluten-free diets, unless they have been processed in an area where gluten-containing foods (like wheat) are also produced. Research suggests that the type of fibre found in oats, called beta-glucan, can be effective in lowering raised blood cholesterol.

Check out these 3 ways to enjoy oats:

  1. Make a burger. If you’re preparing home-made beef burgers, you might use breadcrumbs as part of the recipe. Choose a few oats instead – they’ll add a crunchy texture as well as soluble fibre.
  2. Oaty coated fish. Flavour a tablespoon of oats with chopped fresh herbs and coarse black pepper. Drizzle some sweet chilli sauce onto a fillet of fish and cover this with the oaty crumb. Pan-fry or grill till golden brown.
  3. Blitz them. Throw a handful of oats into your blender when making a fruit smoothie – they go particularly well if you’re making a yogurt drink.

Written by Azmina Govindji, Consultant Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian follow on IG & Twitter @azminanutrition