5 ways with...parsnips

February 16th, 2018 - By gshorter
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Parsnips not only taste amazing but they are full of the good stuff, plus they're easy to get hold of. Similar to all root veg, they're a good source of fibre for a healthy digestion and they contain vitamins such as vitamin C for the immune system, potassium to help regulate blood pressure, and folate for the oxygen carrying red blood cells. We think they deserve to be more than just a side dish, so here are 5 ways to enjoy parsnips and some amazing flavour combos.

1. Grated

A traditional rosti is made from grated potato and formed into a fritter or pancake shape. Try substituting some of the potato (or all of it) for parsnip, as this helps to create a crisp exterior with a slightly sweet flavour. Make sure you squeeze the excess liquid from the grated parsnips before adding the egg and flour. Have them for brunch topped with avocado, a poached egg and crumbled feta.

2. Warming soup

Nothing beats a warming bowl of homemade soup on a cold evening. Parsnips create a sweet but savoury soup with a nutty flavour. Parsnips are a great match with garlic, cumin, thyme, apple and blue cheese. Make up a batch and freeze it in portions so you’ve always got a quick and delicious meal sorted.

3. Roasted with a twist

Roasting vegetables is one of our favourite ways to cook them as it brings out the sweetness of the veg and produces a crispy skin with a tender flesh. A drizzle of honey and a pinch of salt is the most common way to roast parsnips but we like to get creative with the flavourings. Parmesan and polenta create a lovely crumb on the parsnips, and lemon and fresh parsley produce a light and summery taste. Parsnips also pair well with herbs such as rosemary and sage.

4. Mashed

Mash doesn’t have to be just potato, butter and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. You can make it with other root veg such as parsnips and sweet potatoes, which create a sweeter mash with a greater depth of flavour. Other flavourings such as garlic and wholegrain mustard pair really well with mashed parsnip. Eat it as a side dish or use it to top a pie such as shepherds or lentil pie.

5. Raw

For a quick and easy salad, use a peeler to shave parsnips into thin ribbons. Toss them with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar, and combine with fresh leaves, parsley, red onion, apple, walnuts and Parmesan.