Thumbnail for Piña Colada smoothie

Piña Colada smoothie

This smoothie is sunshine in a glass. Pineapple and coconut combine to create a deliciously, creamy tropical drink. Pineapple is an excellent source…

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Thumbnail for Green goddess smoothie bowl

Green goddess smoothie bowl

Now that summer is just around the corner and lots more fruit is coming into season, it's time to get your smoothie maker out. This delicious…

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Thumbnail for Salmon, chilli & ginger fish cakes

Salmon, chilli & ginger fish cakes

These fishcakes are packed full of flavour and can be eaten hot or cold. We’ve used sweet potatoes instead of white potato as they’re an excellent sou…

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Thumbnail for 5 ways with…Peppers

5 ways with…Peppers

Peppers are one of our favourite veggies as you can add them to lots of different dishes and they pair well with a variety of flavours. They do much…

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Thumbnail for Grab and go lunch-in-a-jar

Grab and go lunch-in-a-jar

One of the best ways to ensure you’re eating healthy at work and to save money is to take a packed lunch to work with you. Preparing your lunch the n…

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Thumbnail for Chocolate covered almonds

Chocolate covered almonds

This recipe is an easy and delicious way to use up leftover Easter chocolate. If you’ve already eaten all your chocolate then we recommend using 70% d…

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Thumbnail for Chocolate chip banana bread

Chocolate chip banana bread

This banana bread is a great way to use up leftover chocolate, as well as those bananas sitting at the bottom of your fruit bowl. We’ve used spelt f…

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Thumbnail for 5 ways with...Cauliflower

5 ways with...Cauliflower

If you’ve ever been told to avoid beige foods then cauliflower is an exception. This cruciferous vegetable is rich in anti-inflammatory and a…

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Thumbnail for 5 ways with…Apples

5 ways with…Apples

The humble apple comes in all sorts of flavours, colours and textures including sweet, crunchy, sharp, soft-fleshed, red, yellow and green. They are…

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Thumbnail for Rhiannon's mini Mexican muffins

Rhiannon's mini Mexican muffins

This recipe is taken from Harley street nutritionist, Rhiannon Lamberts, new book; Renourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well. Rhiannon helps you discover…

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Thumbnail for Exotic Shakshuka

Exotic Shakshuka

This popular Middle Eastern dish is bursting with exotic flavours and is perfect for brunch on a lazy Sunday morning. Eggs are crammed full of…

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Thumbnail for Vietnamese pho with tofu

Vietnamese pho with tofu

Pho is a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup flavoured with aromatic spices and garnished with bean sprouts, fresh herbs and lime. Traditionally pho is…

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Thumbnail for Quick & easy pitta pizzas

Quick & easy pitta pizzas

Lots of you have been sharing your pitta bread creations with us and we’ve been inspired by the number of you who have created pizzas out of our p…

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Thumbnail for Overnight porridge oats

Overnight porridge oats

Perfect porridge is best cooked slowly on the hob but during the week many of us don’t have the time. Overnight porridge oats is the cheat way to the p…

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Thumbnail for Tomato, basil and pesto bruschetta

Tomato, basil and pesto bruschetta

Bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your plate with these light and refreshing bruschetta. We’ve used Food Doctor pitta breads instead of white b…

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Thumbnail for Top turkey leftover recipes

Top turkey leftover recipes

SPICED TURKEY, SWEET POTATO & POMEGRANATE SALAD After an indulgent Christmas, this salad is light and refreshing, and packed full of flavour.…

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Thumbnail for Veggie & vegan Christmas Nibbles

Veggie & vegan Christmas Nibbles

Inviting friends and family over this Christmas? We’ve got some easy and delicious vegetarian and vegan nibble ideas that'll have your guests coming b…

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Thumbnail for Sage, Apricot & Seed Nut Roast

Sage, Apricot & Seed Nut Roast

One of the best nut loafs you’ll ever make, it’s full of flavour and holds its own as a vegetarian main for Sunday roast or even as a Christmas Day cen…

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Thumbnail for Red lentil dhal with crispy kale

Red lentil dhal with crispy kale

When it's cold and dark outside theres nothing better than a warming bowl of comfort food and your favourite boxset. Healthy eating doesnt have to go…

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Thumbnail for Moroccan vegetable tagine

Moroccan vegetable tagine

This Moroccan vegetable tagine is great for a weekend dinner with friends. Gather around the fire and let your taste buds tingle with this autumn…

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Thumbnail for Smoky bean chilli

Smoky bean chilli

The perfect dish for a cosy night in with friends and family. We've swapped mince for lots of beans as they're a great source of fibre and protein,…

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Thumbnail for Cinnamon plum porridge

Cinnamon plum porridge

As we head into autumn there's nothing quite like a warming bowl of creamy porridge first thing in the morning. The oats are packed full of fibre so…

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Thumbnail for Fully loaded veggie breakfast

Fully loaded veggie breakfast

This is my go to savoury breakfast, is just filling and packed with flavours! I love making a big batch of the homemade baked beans on Sunday so they…

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Thumbnail for Brunch perfect corn fritters

Brunch perfect corn fritters

This recipe is perfect for lazy Sunday brunch when you have the extra time to treat yourself with something super delicious. I love how these…

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Thumbnail for Speedy tofu pad thai

Speedy tofu pad thai

This is the second of Elisa from Happy Skin Kitchen's exclusive recipes for The Food Doctor. Elisa says, "this is perfect dinner for when you…

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Thumbnail for Forbidden summer rice salad

Forbidden summer rice salad

This is the first of six exclusive recipes created for us by the lovely Elisa of @happyskinkitchen. We’re kicking things off with a Forbidden Summer R…

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