All about Mushrooms


Here’s a fun fact – if mushrooms are left in the sun or under a UV lamp for several hours, they can become a source of vitamin D, which is important for muscle and immune function; vitamin D can also reduce the risk of falls in the elderly. Over the last few decades, we’ve been eating significantly more mushrooms globally than we’ve ever done and according to a review published in Nutrients journal, mushrooms could potentially be the only plant-based unfortified food source of vitamin D.

What’s in it?

  • A source of folate which contributes to normal functioning of the immune system
  • A source of the B vitamin biotin, helping to maintain normal skin and hair
  • A source of vitamin B2 needed for reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • A naturally rich source of pantothenic acid, helping your metabolism and normal mental performance
  • A source of selenium contributing to a normal immune function
  • A source of copper helping your  metabolism and nervous system function normally

What to do with it?

  1. Mushroom moussaka: Simply use your favourite moussaka recipe and substitute wild mushrooms for the minced meat. It brings a yummy umami flavour, especially if you use dried mushrooms that have been soaked in water to bring out the richness.
  2. Melting mushroom toastie: Fry sliced mushrooms in a little olive oil. Spread grated cheese and cracked black pepper onto a slice of toast and grill till cheese has melted. Top with the sautéed mushrooms and then another slice of toast.
  3. Frittata Feast: Stir-fry thinly sliced peppers, onion and mushrooms. Add seasoned beaten egg and swirl in the pan to coat. Cook the underside gently on a hob and finish off under a hot grill.


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